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Where do we go from here; 2016 elections results

While I didn’t have a dog in this race I did care deeply about the divisive and bitter tone that has hi-jacked our collective dialogue.  The sense of brotherhood among us was replaced with anger and separatism. Throughout the process I held out great hope for a return to decorum and civility, but remained largely disappointed.  We will find out in the coming days that there were a record number of votes cast this year but the result is causing the world to literally shake in its boots.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say congratulations to President elect Trump and his followers, though I will note: this election was not FOR your candidate, near as much as it was against the other.  You don’t harbor relief that the most qualified person was elected any more than the rest of us do.  The results are not a statement of hope and bright futures, rather an indictment of the status quo.  Please remain mindful of that, as we examine how we got to this place.  However, at this point the only reasoned thing to do is move forward.

How we are going to do that remains a mystery to me but I am still here for the ride.  My fervent hopes in the coming days, weeks, months, etc is that we collectively accept the following principles;

  1. We are all one; everyone, everywhere. There is so little that separates us but so much that unites us as fellow inhabitants of this planet.  It’s time to remove those biased tainted glasses and view the world as it is, not pigeon-holed perceptions which place blame and fault at the feet of others.  We’re born, we live and we die in such a short period that none of that time should be spent in realms where the aspect of superior vs inferior would hold any kind of credence.
  2. No one candidate, party or government is responsible for our success as a country, we are. It’s time to start taking stock in our “areas of opportunities” and decide, collectively, how to improve on those.  While I will admit the obscure and confusing platform of the incoming party leaves me with impending feelings of uncertainty, my overall faith in humanity has not nodded off completely yet.  These feelings are not mutually exclusive to the current election results, either way we were going to be handicapped.
  3. Stop the hate. If our only way forward is to continue this path, we are doomed as a populace.  If you hold disdain for another over an opinion or perspective or a way of life, expand your thinking.  We’re all willing participants in the human experiment and we take with us exactly what we came here with, when it’s over.
  4. I look forward to our future with dimmed optimism, but optimism nonetheless. Again, I expected to feel no differently if either candidate had won. I do know this, regardless of how things change in my world, negativity is never a viable option for me.

  • things negative people will do to you.

1. Demean your value
2. Destroy your image
3. Silence your voice
4. Dispose your dreams
5. Discredit your imagination
6. De-frame your abilities
7. Disbelieve your opinions

So, stay positive, take responsibility for your role in improving our world, and reach out to others in their time of need.  That’s the very least any of us should aspire to do.



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